Introduction to Thu Ya Kan Chun Company limited

Company name: Thu Ya Kan Chun Co.,Ltd.
Business: production goods on firm and agricultural products
Exploration, Mining, Manufacturing, Refining
Flora and Fauna.
Managing Director: Mr.Tan Ye Tun
Director: Mrs. Mon Mon Tin
General Manager: Mr.Tang Tang Lwin
Address: Room 1, Building 2, Minyekaw Road, Nangmadow Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone: +95-1-724821(Office), +95-98-325665(Manager)

Thu Ya Kan Chun Company limited is carried out the business with such objectives. They are :

  1. Pay for the rates and taxes of the State to contribute our society.
  2. To make the development of the region where we carried out our business.
  3. To protect the environmental conservation works from destruction that may have detrimental effects due to operation.
  4. To follow the terms and policies of the Ministry.
  5. Seek for the good and deserved benefits.

We also warmly welcome you who intend to work together and share the benefits on our main business, the excavation and production of Antimony and the extractive metallurgy.

Thu Ya Kan Chun Company limited is under industrial license of Registration number 403/2006 on 4th July, 2006. The company was established by five Directors members and supported by another three members on 7th June, 2010.

Under the name of Thuya Kan Chun Company limited, we carried out mainly four objectives. They are :

  1. Cultivation, production, harvesting, preserving, packing, grinding and production goods on firm and agricultural products.
  2. In accordance with the rules of Ministry of Myanmar, we carried out logging, production, chopping, drying the products of Flora and Fauna, except teak.
  3. Manufacturing electrical products
  4. Exploration, mining, manufacturing, refining, and selling the outcome goods under the permission of the Ministry

Moreover, we have got Export and Import License from Ministry of Commerce with the registration number Ta-Tha-Ka No.20113.

We are a member of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the registration number is 17513 (issued on 8th April, 2008).

Our main office is at Room 1, Building 2, Thumingalar Road, Thumingalar Complex, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.

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